Thermal Mat

Thermal Mat

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  • Dimensions:

    Twin: 38" x 74"

    Full: 53" x 74"

    Queen: 60" x 79"

    King: 72" x 80"

  • The Thermal Mat Pad is a cozy mattress topper that provides warmth, comfort and safety. The Thermal Mat comes in Twin, Full, Queen and King-size. Dual climate control is available for the Queen- and King-size Thermal Mat. The Thermal Mat is constructed with 5 layers of comfort and technology including a soft, anti-microbial, water-resistant polyester top layer.
  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Shielding Technology eliminates up to 99% of harmful EMFs, while ordinary electric blankets generate large amounts of sustained EMFs. Shield Life's patented EMF Shielding technology allows for a maintained and rejuvenating night's rest.
  • Far Infrared (FIR) Heat and Negative Ions generated by the Thermal Mat maximize comfort. Through absorption of FIR heat, muscle tissue is safely and gently stimulated to bring you to a new level of wellness. While conventional space heaters can evaporate ambient moisture, dehydrating your body and drying out your skin, the TheraMat offers 9 levels of FIR heat that warm only desired areas.
  • Rest Assured knowing that you can save up to $131 on winter heating bills and be able to reduce your carbon footprint. The Thermal Mat is hand-crafted in Korea with the finest materials and most advanced components. Continuous heat sensing technology and an automatic 10-hour shut off period ensure the ultimate in sustained and comfortable sleep.
  • Tech Specs

    Rated Voltage: AC 110-120V, 50-60Hz
    Temperature Range: 86oF - 140 oF
    *Approximate dimension:
    Single Twin: 74" x 38" x 2"  ( 1m8 x 1m x 0.05m) SLE-XX39 15.0lbs 155W+_10%
    Full: 74" x 53" x 2" (1m8 x 1m3 x 0.05m) SLE-XX53 18.0lbs 155W+_10%
    Queen: 79" x 60" x 2" (2m x 1m5 x 0.05m) SLE-XX60 20.0lbs 256W+_10%
    Cal King: 80" x 72" x 2" (2m x 1m8 x 0.05m) SLE-XX72 25.0lbs 310W+_10%

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