Deer Antlers & Red Ginseng Premium Extract - Nhung Hươu & Hồng Sâm Dạng Nước

Deer Antlers & Red Ginseng Premium Extract - Nhung Hươu & Hồng Sâm Dạng Nước


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    Let’s check the advantages of both the amazing extracts:

    • Restorative powers - Both elements are known to enhance stamina of the body, resulting in a fresh body and mind.

    • Enhances mood - The active ingredients of the both extracts enhance metabolism, which positively influences the mood, memory and alertness.

    • Reduces stress – The extracts of Korean Red Ginseng and deer antler velvet help relieve stress, anxiety, and tension.

    • Heals wounds - IGF-1 is an active ingredient of deer antler velvet that helps in reconstruction of the matrix, a building block of protein that is needed to grow cells.

    • Boosts immune system - Both deer antler velvet and Korean Red Ginseng boost the immune system, which keeps several ailments away.

    • Rich source of antioxidants – As both are rich sources of antioxidants, they help to cleanse and detox body.

    • Relieves fatigue - Accumulation of excessive metabolite and depletion of the source of energy causes fatigue. This physical condition can be overcome with proper dosage of red ginseng and deer antler velvet.

    70 ml x 10 packages per box.

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