Hwang Geum Dan 30 Pills - Bổ Não Rồng Vàng Đan. Buy 1 Get 1. PRICE FOR 2 BOXES

Hwang Geum Dan 30 Pills - Bổ Não Rồng Vàng Đan. Buy 1 Get 1. PRICE FOR 2 BOXES

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$299 For 2 Boxes Of 1 Order

  • Benefits

    Bo Nao Rong Vang Dan is a high-quality supplement that is refined from highly valuable and highly nutritious herbs to care for and protect the human body, extremely good for health. Here are some effects of the product

    • Stabilize blood pressure 
    • Support people who have numbness in their hands and feet, cold hands or feet, or cold belly
    • Support treatment of vestibular disorders, headache, ischemia
    • Coronary artery suppression, increasing blood flow to the brain
    • Works for people at high risk of stroke-like, people with high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, some heart diseases (heart valve disease, heart disease, atrial fibrillation), or peripheral vascular disease, transient ischemic, coagulopathy.
    • Helping patients to prevent symptoms of a brain hemorrhage, restoring nervous system function in patients with convulsions.
    • Rehabilitation of the body due to sequelae of cerebrovascular disease, such as hemiplegia, manifests a language disorder
    • Good for bones, muscles, arthritis, osteoporosis, recovery of damaged muscles.
    • Reduce stress, relieve pressure from work
    • Good for Men and Women entering middle age. Postmenopausal women. Weak and old people.


    • Absolutely not for pregnant and nursing women.
    • Absolutely do not arbitrarily use the dosage as you wish, it is best to consult more information from the doctor.
    • Store in a dry place, avoid sunlight and high heat sources.
  • How to use

    For normal people, drink to prevent disease and be healthy, use 1 capsule 1 in the morning, chew and drink with warm water (before eating).

    • For people with neurological weakness, poor health, use 2 times a day, 1 tablet at a time, chew and drink with warm water (before eating).
  • Details

    Origin: Korea
    Weight: 1 box of 30 capsules, 1 tablet of 3.75g
    Ingredients: 25% gold powder, frankincense, deer velvet, contemplation, peony, eucalyptus, queen, fruity, mugwort, licorice, honey.

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